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Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day: Nothing Is the Best Something

I realized that Valentine's Day is almost upon us...I turned to my husband and asked, "Are we doing the usual for Valentine's Day?" He got a weird look, as if he should know something but was drawing a blank and asked, "What's the usual?" Of course, the response was, "NOTHING."
Nothing is our usual for Valentine's Day. I like it that way. I don't like the idea of setting aside one day to show someone you love them. I love that I feel loved every single day. It may not be some grand gesture or amazing gifts, but the fact that he hasn't murdered me in my sleep (or wakefulness) has got to count for something, right?
I think nothing is the best gift you can give someone. It shows that you are confident in your relationship to not have to run out and stand in a herd of men who just got off work to fight for some crappy flowers that will be dead in a few days. It shows that you know that every day you are together is special and you don't need to make time for that one day so that all the other days are worth it. If all the other days are days of love and joy then there is no need for one day that is set aside for that. Actually, the more I think about this stupid holiday the more I hate it.
My guy lets me be me and actually does a pretty good job of pretending that he doesn't mind when I am me being me. Heck, sometimes he even encourages it!  This is so important to me because I feel like in my young years I was trying to be invisible.  It was easier than standing out.  There were different reasons for this-at home and at school, but this really left me feeling like a butterfly when I grew up and had kids.  I could finally be me, and my husband encourages this-I love him so much for this! 

This year, I will get him something really special for Valentine's Day. Nothing. I won't find some horrific way to make his life hell for one day. I can do that. It may be hard, but I'm determined to not annoy him for one full day. Because, after all, nothing is something.

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