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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Walking Dead Jacket DIY: Daryl Wings

 I wanted to make my daughter a cool money holder for her birdday.  I had no idea what to get her and so an idea blossomed.  I thought, what fun to make a Daryl from Walking Dead jacket and stick the money into a pocket.  So here we go....a glorified money holder! :)

This is what I did to get me the end result....

First, I stopped at a local thrift shop and made good on a 50% off all winter outerwear and got this faux leather jacket for whopping $2.50.  I found some gynormous white pants that had a thicker material that I thought would work well for the wings for an extravagant $1.50.

The next step was to take some measurements to make sure I would be making my wings the corret size.  I measured from shoulder to shoulder-the widest part (divided that in half), and also measured from the tallest (where I wanted my wings to begin and end.  Then I took a sheet of tissue paper and cut it to those measurements and began sketching one wing.

I then took another sheet of tissue paper and traced only the outline of the wing.  Then I cut out that outlined wing, but cut about 1/4" away from the outline (the outline will actually be the sewing line).

I pinned the outlined wing pattern onto the pants and cut out my wings-one leg of the pants made both of my wings (double layered and back to back-it was perfect).

I took the other pattern of the wing, the one that had all the details sketched onto it and cut out, along the lines a few 'pieces' that I could trace over and onto my wings.  I just traced lightly in pen.

Then I took some black shirt paint and a paint brush and brushed over all my pen lines and let it dry.  After it was dry I washed the wings and let them dry again (just to get the pen out) and then I ironed them.

After pinning the wings to the jacket I used black thread in my machine and sewed along my outlines.

Then I wanted to make the edges look a little more raggedy, so I used a pin to pull out some threads....

And that's it! :)