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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I made this Rooster Hat Pattern a while back and never got around to actually making a hat for myself.  I wound up donating the last one I had after all the testing was over (it wound up getting $90 in a silent auction-which is CRAZY to me-but I was thrilled to hear that).

I had dreamed of having chickens ever since we moved to our new home.  My hubby really wasn't into the whole chicken thing, so it really took 4 years of convincing and foot dragging (on hubby's part) with the construction of the coop being in a state of construction for about a year and a half.

I am officially in love with my girls now, we've had them since the day before Easter and I haven't had to purchase eggs since July!  Very exciting!  I belong to a few chicken groups on facebook and I offered up a chicken hat to the winner of a little contest we have every month...Well, I got all excited about making one and decided to make one for an administrator who does so much for the group and one more for MYSELF!  EEEHAWWWW!!!

I love my chicken hat-although not half as much as I love my chickens!  :)  Next spring I plan on adding to my flock...I want to have a total of 12-20 hens and one rooster...I plan on buying a straight run so I have to plan for 50% being roosters...but then I have crappy luck, and you have to consider some may not hatch....so I should take that into account as well...so I will most likely be getting 50ish fertilized eggs.. CHICKEN MATH!!!  I plan on being able to raise my own chicks from my flock and butchering them for eating when I have more chicks than I need...I won't name those of course.

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