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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Easy Brioche Panel

I fell in love instantly when I saw the Stockholm Scarf (free pattern by KnittedblissJC)..I knew instantly that I had to make it-but then I also knew that I didn't have enough of any one color.  Plus, I really like to mess around with things...can't just do things the easy way, ya know?

So....I fiddle farted around a bit and wound up with this fun little infinity scarf!

I followed the first panel (the dark grey) as written...

Instead of making another panel the same way, this is where I started getting a little creative.

For each of the tan and pink panel I used a cast on of 37  (multiples of 5 plus 2) and then followed the pattern for the same amount of repeats as I used for the long panel.

For the brioche portion, I warn you-I am a brioche novice-I've never written up a brioche pattern and I just sort of fudged what I was doing...If you look at my panels there are a few strategically placed decreases and increases-those are not included in this little pattern as I just snuck them in here and there as I felt I wanted them...But here is the brioche panel for straight lines (it is up to you to add decreases and increases if you feel you need them also).

In my version of this brioche panel, please note that I switched my CC to a different color about halfway through...just cuz I felt like it (and I was running out of pink).

CO an even number.

1.  With MC, p1, *slyo, p1, repeat from * to the last stitch, sl-SLIDE work to the other end of the needle
2.  With CC:  sl, *brk, sly; repeat from * across-TURN work.

1a.  With MC, sl, brk, *slyo, brk; repeat from * across until the last two stitches, slyo, k-SLIDE work to the other end of the needle.
1b.  With CC, P, slyo, *brp, sly; repeat from * across until the last 2 stitches, brp, sl-TURN work.

2a.  With MC, p1, *slyo, brp; repeat from * across until the last stitch, sl-SLIDE work tot he other end of the needl.
2b.  With CC, sl, *brk, slyo; repeat from * across until the last stitch, k-TURN

repeat 1-2 until the piece measures the desired height and then BO loosely.

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