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Monday, November 16, 2015

White Elephant Gifts!

Every year our bunco group does a white elephant gift and every year I try to outdo myself...I don't want to just to some dumb thing..it has to be creatively dumb...The first year I did the Elf That Fell Off The Shelf-an incredibly creepy doll accompanied by an even creepier poem-complete with clown's head (perhaps the only thing creepier than a clown is a creepy elf holding a decapitated clown...

Here is the poem that accompanied him, if you choose to copy my idea and start this creepy tradition...

The Elf That Fell Off The Shelf

He once was an elfsitting upon a shelf so high
But a task from Santa went a little awry!

He was not the most graceful and did suffer a fall
And now he gives his message to all!

You better be good for goodness sake!
Because otherwise your presents-he will take!

Into your dreams he will creep
Stealing your gifts as you sleep

Hell take your chocolate when your back is turned
Hell make sure your carefully cooked dinner is burned

Youll think youve seen the last of this little pest
But youll find hes an unwelcome and permanent house guest.

Throw him away and hell just get meaner
Hell find his way home-and not any cleaner

Missing socks and tennis shoes?
You might have The Elf That Fell Off The Shelf Blues!

Teenagers giving you a nasty attitude?
Hes probably spiked their food!

Toddlers whining and in your face?
Must have an Elf That Fell Off The Shelf in your place.

How do I break this curse?  Do you say?
Well listen close, Ill tell you the way
Carefully wrap him up with care
With a new person you must share

You must be an Elf That Fell Of The Shelf Sharer
Thus spreading the joy of the seasonand the terror.

In return, I received my neighbor's son's old holey underwear...So I saved them...For a whole year...so that I could plot my revenge...

Enter Johnny's Underwear Ornaments!  

 I've already made Johnny's Underwear Snowman a pattern on Ravelry-feel free to download it for free here.

This is how I made the ornaments

With the (freshly laundered and ironed) underwear laying with two layers...I used a pinking shears to cut out some heart shapes and some star shapes.  You need two of each shape for each ornament...

 I then cut out some ribbon and stuck it between the two layers so that the ornaments would have a hanger...

Then I sewed around the ornament-about 1/4 inch from the side but left a little open so that I could stuff it...

I then lightly stuffed the ornament, just to give it some POP!

After sewing the ornament closed you have a final, unique, disgusting gift to give for your next White Elephant gift exchange! :) 

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