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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yarn Dyeing-You Need To Have The Guts!

I have always wanted to try my hand at dyeing yarn. I've always been really scared to try though. Working on my alien dissection's internal organs, I decided to go for it and use the Wilton cake frosting dye method-I am so glad I finally have the guts to try it! BAHAHAHA!

This is still a work in progress, but I was so thrilled with how my  yarn dyed up I thought I'd share it with ya'll!  Since my little yarn blobs were small I just used some berry bowls and put in a small amount of water (enough so my yarn blobs could have a cozy bath), a dash of vinegar and a tiny amount of Wilton Cake Frosting Dye-I stirred it around with a toothpick until I was happy with the color concentration.  

You need to keep the water hot-but not boiling-so I used my microwave.  I wasn't about to have pots on the stove or anything funky like that-so I just kept nuking them for about 15 seconds every few minutes just to keep them hot.  I would stir them gently as well.  I just kept soaking them until I was happy with how they looked and then rinsed them well.

Here is what the guts look like hanging out to dry...In case you wondered what alien guts look like hanging from trees...

I'm really happy with my little alien so far-I still have a few more guts to make and then get it all put together, but he is going to be awesome-at least he will be in my mind. :)  I can't wait to share with you the finished object! :)

Here he is off the needles, a few days later
Every once in a while, a project will come along that you become obsessed with. I'd am happy to admit that this Alien Dissection has been one of those projects. This little guy has been building up in my mind for such a long time...I am so excited that he is finally off the needles. I love how his hand dyed guts turned out-I can't wait to dye again...All this guy needs is a nice little shadowbox, fun little background and some T-pins!

A few days later....He is DONE!  I love him.  I am so proud of myself....mainly because I have convinced hubby to hang him on my wall-I thought, for sure, he would put his foot down!  EEK!  Mr. Alien shall hang on my wall with my Star Wars snowflakes that I lovingly cut out a few years ago and hung in sweet frames.  

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  1. I'm so impressed with the result of your work! No doubt, you really have the guts to do it! Anyway, have you tried using vat dyes? I recently read an article about commercial dyeing and I found out that this type of dye is the appropriate dye to use in yarns.