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Friday, December 23, 2016

Draining The Swamp: One Stitch At A Time

So, I made this afghan with the sole purpose of sending it to our President Elect  Trump.  I have no idea where to send it to ensure that he will, indeed, receive it.  So, for now, I will hold on to it and hope that some day I can send this to him, with the accompanying letter.  Maybe, once he is in the White House, I will just mail it there and hope and pray someone gives it to him.

I am even more proud that I worked on this as many in the crochet/knitting community were making those pink hats with ears.  Regardless of where we stand politically, being divisive is never an answer.  I chose to support and cheer rather than divide and whine.

President Trump,

I wanted to make you a gift, just to say thank you for standing up for the silent Americans that have gone so long without having their voices heard.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for jumping into the fray and fighting for us. 

I am sure this is not the best blanket you have ever seen or owned, but it is one with great meaning for me.  My son, who is currently in boot camp, wrote this before he left back in October (this was his first time voting in a presidential election): 

“Tomorrow's my last full day in Illinois for three months. I won't miss winter here AT ALL. So I guess I’ll see everyone in three months and hopefully I'll be a marine when I get back. Peace out y’all.  Oh and hopefully Trump will be the president when I get out. Fingers crossed haha!”

You see, my husband had served two tours in Iraq, one under President Bush and one under President Obama, and my son remembers the troubles we had under the latter, which resulting in my having to file a congressional due to the fact that they were very shady in the issuing of orders that meant we received less pay and no insurance for no less than three months and my husband not reenlisting, which had been his plan.

My working on this afghan has helped get me through this time when I have been missing my son.  I enjoyed working on this afghan as I watched the election coverage and have enjoyed working on it as I celebrated your groundbreaking win.   Much like your race, this afghan has been exasperating, sometimes I thought I would never finish, and I felt like a lot of this work would be for nothing, but I kept on working at it.  You did not give up on us, even when the outcome looked bleak.  I am entitling this afghan, “Drain The Swamp.”  I hope that you can stash it somewhere that will remind you of your great promise to the American People, and I have faith that you will not let us down.  I would love for this afghan to be your silent cheerleader, reminding you that the American People have shown they have faith in you because you will do great things for this country regardless of what either party says.  When you look at this afghan, I would love for you to feel pride in yourself and in our country, because through you, America again will be great, and will again become united and prideful.  Continue to be a role model for future politicians, show them that by standing for the people the people will, in return, stand for them.  

This afghan is completely machine washable (gentle, cool) and tumble dry low….unfortunately Washington DC is not, and thus, the swamp must be drained.

All of my love and respect,


Here I am with my son's shirt, my chicken (named Trump) and the afghan. :)