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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bringing Booties Back!

Alright, here's the deal. My husband is awesome. He really is...Buuutttt sometimes he says incredibly stupid things...Things you cannot take back. If you know him well, chances are you have a favorite Jaime quote.

Tonight, he outdid himself. He was whining and complaining about his feet being too cold. He said, "I NEED BOOTIES!" Now of course we all knew he meant slippers, but booties is what came out. 

We can all look at Shawn (me) and blame her because she makes stupid stuff like booties on a continuous basis....So we giggled and laughed for about five minutes as he continued to get our lovely daughter her ice cream...

He finally had had enough of the abuse and shouted out to us, "Hay! I'm bringing booties back!" So that,my friends, is his one funny for this year. So if you were hoping you'd get to witness it, sorry....you missed out. You'll have to wait till next year.

While I wait for him to come up with his next funny though...I think...just to be a big mean jerk, I will make him some booties.  ;)  Some really cute frilly ones.  

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